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An original Music Corner in the center of Athens.


Our store is located in the central and busy Panepistimiou Street, one of Athens' most picturesque arteries with a number of attractive buildings and museums, that runs from Syntagma Square to Omonoia Square. Here you can find thousands CDs of quality greek music, as well as music from all over the world.

Consistent to its name, it offers a corner in the city where music, tradition and culture meet and a starting point for a journey in seek of the muses - the greek goddesses of inspiration and arts.



Music Corner is not confined in a stagnant distribution of music, nor lost in the whirl of the competition of the market, but since its founding it functions with quality as compass without to suffer from consumeristic asphyxiation.



Our catalog includes a complete series of essential albums, historical recordings and hard to find jewels, that cover the route of greek music. Traditional music, rempetiko songs, music of the asia minor, folk music, byzantine music, are only some of the different aspects among the diversity of the musical expression in greek culture, along all facets of modern quality greek music, such as jazz, classical, music for cinema, etc. 


Our collection also spans a variety of world music and, in specific, can serve as a guide to the interesting blend of east mediterranean music. Of course, you will always find as well music from your favorite artists and composers whether that means jazz, classical, blues or rock.



Taking one more step in this direction, Music Corner is proud to contribute in providing a showcase for the representatives of the continuation of the traditional and folk greek music, through its own music productions and book publications.






A small sample of records in our catalog - often with the possibility of listening to typical examples - can be found, divided in categories, in the rest pages of this website. (Unfortunately only in greek, sorry.)




Please, for any questions and/or further communication, feel free to contact us by telephone, email or a visit to our store.

Music Corner
Tel: (0030) 210 330 4000
Panepistimiou 56, Athens
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